Can I keep elements of the master in front instead of in the bg?

It would save so much time if some elements of the master slide could be set to be always on top.

You know that Atumi or Nicole or whoever you decided to plaster again on a new course and you spend seconds on each slide trying to crop her or position her at the limit of the lower border of the slide...

If I could just place her somewhere and the lower border of my master would just overlap nicely so I don't have to look precisely where is the cut and if her half body is levitating.

Getting rid of the silly drop shadow is annoying too but I kinda gave up on that...

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Mike Enders


I can understand the desire to have an always on top option in the slide master.  However, if you'd like Atsumi or some other object to be in the same position on every slide....

1. Place the object on a slide and position it.

2. Copy the object.

3. In the left side thumbnail column, select all the slides where you'd like the object to appear.

4. Paste

The object will be copied to every slide.

Also, what drop shadow are you trying to remove?