Can I make a lightbox pop-up on a timer (every 15 minutes?) How?

Jun 17, 2013


I want a lightbox pop-up to come up ever 15 minutes, no matter where the student is in the course.  Is this possible?  I already have the lightbox created, but how would I have it pop-up every 15 minutes?  Is there some way to create a variable timed like that?

Thank you!

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Michael Hinze

I did a quick test with a timer that I had developed for another project. The result is here. With the few placeholder slides and random content I ahd added, all seemed to work as expected. The timer sits on the slide master; for my test it was set to pop up a lightbox at 2:30min ( I could have set it to 15 min. but didn't want to wait around that long). I left the timer visible so that you can see how the clock is counted down, pops up a lkighbox at 0:00 and restarts once the lightbox is closed.

I'm not sure though if quiz slides, layers, templates or content with custom master slides would interfere with the timer.

Michael Hinze

Hi Brooke, creating a basic timer is not difficult, especially since in your case, you don't have to show the timer with correct formatting. I tried to clean up my test file as much as possible, see attached. The timer logic sits on a master slide called timer. Hopefully you can adapt and improve this basic setup for your project.

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