Can I make a simulation in Storyline 2 from an existing MP4?

My trainers/SMEs do their own recordings, usually in SnagIt and provide to me as an MP4. Can I use those to create a simulation or something that looks like a simulation? (ie static screen shot with a direction that asks "where would you click to move to the next page?" and then a hotspot and remediation? Hotspot would advance user to the next slide. Remediation would have a Next button or there would be one in the main player which only activates if the remediation appears.)

many thanks!

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Brian Dennis

You can use try using SL's video editing tool or 3rd party video editing software like Adobe Premiere to extract individual frames. Save these frames as graphics files (JPG or PNG) so you can insert into Storyline. Once the graphics are set, position your hotspots and wire up the triggers and states to manage remediation. The Next button is controllable by states like any object BTW

I wouldn't venture to say this approach is the easiest way, but possible. Good luck