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Lauren Connelly

Hello Jeff!

Absolutely! First, you'll want to publish the course for the web. 

Next, upload it to a server and give it a test run. Then send learners a link to the story.html file.

When learners launch the course, they'll see the right format (HTML5, Flash, or Articulate Mobile Player) based on the devices and browsers they’re using and the publish formats you included.

Jeff Lukas

Thank you. After much trial and error that was actually the solution we came upon. Will there ever be a feature for tabs in a browser when the class is in a SCORM environment? I am using Cornerstone and most of the time it just pops out as a box.

When you download a link from your project in the SCORM environment, it looks as if the class disappears from the screen. I know its there, but other learners may not.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Jeff!

That exact setting would be specific to your LMS.

Another area to look at are the browser settings in Storyline. You can include an additional published output that would launch the browser in a new window. As I mentioned, this is specific to your LMS but absolutely worth a try! 

Just mark the box to Launch player in new window. This adds a launcher.html file to your published output. Give learners a link to the launcher.html file rather than the default story.html file.

When you launch a course in a new browser window, you also get to decide how the new window behaves on desktop computers.