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Michael Shannon

Hey Casey. There is a way to do this.

  1. Open your new presentation, go to the main menu click INSERT > New Slide.
  2. Once the dialog opens click on the Import tab on the left and click the storyline icon.
  3. Navigate to your existing presentation (the one you want the slide master from) and click to open.  
  4. All of the slides are selected by default. Click the None button in the upper right corner to deselect them all. 
  5. Navigate to the slide that uses the master you want to import. 
  6. If you leave the drop-down to "Same as imported project" it will create a new scene with the selected slide and you can delete it without shuffling things around. 
  7. Once you've selected your slide click IMPORT
  8. You can now delete the scene (if you followed step 6) and your master slide will remain in the slide master slides. 
  9. I would recommend preserving them also.