Can I Move Storyline Slides into a new template?


I have a set of slides that I'd like to copy to a new project that has a template (color/font themes, customized player, etc.). The problem is that when I copy and paste the slides into the new template, they retain their old slidemaster templates. Is there a way to paste slides so that they automatically adopt the new slidemaster? 

If not, is there a way to select multiple slides at once time and change their layout to a different slidemaster's layout? For example, for all the slides that have a title and main text box (the standard slide layout), could I select all of those and reassign them to the same standard layout in a different slidemaster set? 

Hope this makes sense! Thank you!

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Randy Hill

Yes, Jessica, it really is as simple as your second option. When you copy over the slide(s) just select the ones you want and then right click and apply layout, it will ask you which and you select it. You can't replace by master but you can replace by individual. Then just go into your master slides and then delete the old master so it doesn't take up processing space.