Can I move the scroll panel's scroll bar to the left hand side?

It is particularly frustrating that I cannot seem to place the scroll bar of a scroll panel on the left hand side of the box. As it stands, if the scroll panel is half a slide's width, and placed on the left side of the page - then the scroll bar is just right in the middle of the slide. 

Please tell me I am doing this wrong, and that this is not a Storyline problem, as I have seen posts as old as 6 years requesting this feature (and horizontal scrolling)!

Cheers all. 

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Ren Gomez

Hi Olli,

Thanks for reaching out, and I'm sorry the scrollbar placement is a source of frustration! Currently, the scroll bar will always be on the right side of a scrolling panel.

While I've seen requests for a horizontal scrolling panel, I haven't come across many for a right-sided scrollbar, and I appreciate your insight on this. I’ll be happy to pass your thoughts on to our product team, but you can also feel free to detail them more through a feature request!