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Carrie Eaton

I don't think I was clear in what I need....I need the variable to hold the slide I want to go to....I'm on slide "2.1 - flexible meeting area" and then I jump to another scene...at some point I want to quit that scene and move back to slide 2.1. Is there a system variable that identifies the current slide so I can save that and go back?

I'm simulating lightboxes because they don't do what I need....which is to have perpetual reference button on the screen at all times, even when I jump around.


Meryem M


How about something like this.

  • Set a variable %SlideNumber%
  • On each page place a trigger: Adjust variable %SlideNumber% to whatever the page number is when timeline starts.

This way, %SlideNumber% will always reflect the current slide number. Don't put this trigger on your faux lightbox slides.

When you want to return to the slide, after sojourning at the other scene, then you would need to be a long set of triggers with conditions, one for each possible return slide (I hope this is a short story!)

  • Jump to slide X IF %SlideNumber% = X
  • Jump to slide Y IF %SlideNumber% = Y