Can I output individual Quiz / Survey question scores?


I want to import an Articulate Storyline (survey or quiz) into a SCORM compliant LMS. (OpenELMS).

When the quiz has been completed by our managers and staff,  I then want to assess where they may need support by producing an output file to assess responses per employee at an individual"question level".

Is this possible or am I limited to the standard overall % score?

If this is the case, is there a work around you can suggest to this issue?


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Tessa Maki

Thanks for asking this question, Dave, as it's the exact question I have. And the article you linked, Peter, was very helpful.

Just to confirm my understanding-- when a course is loaded into an LMS that was published with tracking set to "Track using quiz result" all of the information listed in the article is sent to the LMS, it's just a matter of whether or not the LMS has the capability for a report to be pulled that shows the data in a useable format. Is this correct? (Is all of the information still sent even if the tracking is based on slide views?)

Dave, did you end up having success with getting the information you were looking for?

Dave Parry

I don't know if it was just the wrong LMS to try it in, but I couldn't get it to work with Open ELMS.

I have had to bite the bullet and go for the Articulate Online product which sort of does the job. The export is really ugly and would need some manipulation in Excel once exported to make any use of, but you can do it.

Our main problem with all of this is that we are still developing ideas and selling the concept to our clients. No one is paying us for it yet, but you have to pay Articulate after the trial period. We need 6 months+ of trialling really and there is no developer account to do that.

We have used a series of names for demo accounts, and the Articulate people have contacted us and we have explained, and they have been very good so far - but I think we are going to have to start paying soon - before we get revenue. I've already paid £1k for the Storyline software and this is a big 'ask' as they say.

Good luck.