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Daniel Brigham

Hi, Brooke: Welcome to the forum. If you've got a video on the base layer/main slide, the video and timeline should stop when you hit pause on the player. Perhaps you could give a bit more context on what your wanting to do.

Now, if you have layers involved with your video, there's an important setting on the bottom right of the layers panel (gear icon) that allows you to "pause timeline on base layer" when a layer is revealed. See below.

Brooke  L

Thanks Daniel, I appreciate the prompt response!

I have the video on the base layer and it does pause when I push pause on the player.  The problem is that I want the PLAYER to stop when I pause the video.  I have some text synced to the video and I don't want the player to keep playing if a user presses pause on the video (instead of pausing the player) because the text will come up on the slide but will be out of sync with the video.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Brooke,

Ah, I see. You know the player control pauses the player and the video; you'd like the reverse to also be true: some way for the pause video control to pause the slide so it will stop playing.

I don't know how to do that, but one suggestion that's been made on various threads is to place a transparent shape over the video so Learners can't click to play/pause. Would that work for you?

You'd need also to not show the video controls. If they're showing, click the  video and from the Options menu, remove the checkmark from show video controls.