Can I pull the number of attempts from Totara / Moodle into a SCORM module?

Hello all,

In our LMS, which is based on Totara, the number of attempts is saved for every learner. (1 attempt = starting from the beginning, not when returning to an in progress course)

Can I use Javascript to pull this number for the current learner from our LMS and use it in a SCORM course?

I do not necessarily need the name or any other data about the learner, but it would be useful for me to be able to differentiate a course based on the attempt number (for example to unlock slides or scenes automatically when a learner revisits a course).

Thanks in advance!
Karen from Itineris

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Brian Allen

Generally deeper learner info such as number of attempts, previous scores, etc., is not available to pull into a SCORM course via javascript.

I'm not an expert on this, but from my experience something like this would require an intermediary page to capture the user name/info, query your LMS database for that specific user/course information, then make that data available for your course to pull in via javascript as a custom variable. Probably not impossible, but it could end up being an expense to pay a coder to create if you don't have the expertise in house.

I wonder if it's possible to send custom variable info to the LMS at the end of a course, then recall that info with the suspend/resume data the next time the learner logs into the course? I'm not familiar with how much of that data is retrieved on a subsequent attempt if the learner completed the course on a previous attempt.

Dan Marsden

As Brian/Phil already confirm - this is not part of the SCORM specification and there isn't any way to do this in Moodle/Totara without significant custom development by a "coder" 

For context... I'm "the coder" of SCORM in Moodle... and the Totara SCORM player is 99% the same code as the one in Moodle.

You might be able to acheive something similar by changing your content structure - moving some of the components out of SCORM and into the LMS tools instead, although it might still be hard to do things based on the number of attempts, but your Totara partner might also be able to help you with suggestions on how to acheive the same learning goals using core functionality.