Can I remove a course from mobile app library?

We sell our courses with a time-limited use. Once a course is downloaded and the mobile app is used, can that course be made to  'disappear' at any specified time, or is it there for the life of the device? Is there any way to remove a course from the mobile app, either automatically or manually? Is there anything in the course itself that can be set that would render the course useless after a certain timeframe?

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Christine Hendrickson

HI Nancy,

You won't be able to remotely remove content from someone else's mobile device. They can remove the content from their own devices, but you won't be able to control whether or not that content stays there.

You could modify the URL for the course, which will render it inaccessible from the device, but I'm not sure how you'd manage the time limit. If you did this, the content would still be listed in their library, but they wouldn't be able to access it, unless you've enabled the offline feature. 

I know this probably won't help with what you're trying to do, but hopefully you're able to find a way to manage your content in a way that works with your course availability. 

Good luck with the project!


Nancy Roderick

Thanks. I figured that people would delete the course once it would not open. I had already decided that we could change the URL for one course which will have a finite beginning and ending for each group of learners, a process we'd have to do several times a year. 

Our other products are always available and are purchased whenever users choose to do so. That means we cannot change the URL. So can republish and limit use to HTML5, but we had problems with Safari AND Chrome when we did that. Basically, we'll have to go back to flash player only. We advertised the latest products as iPad compatible and many users have purchased them already. This is bad. :(

Kevin Harris

I too am having issues with viewing on the Ipad after the customer is done. I posted on the boards a few days ago and haven't heard anything. We have tried removing the course from OUR site which is how the customer would purchase it, but they are still able to view it afterwards as long as they are online... help!