Can I set a default Master Slide Layout for screen recordings made w SL?

Jul 01, 2020


I have a nice Master slide deck that I'm using for all projects. When I create screen recordings from inside SL, it automatically applies an arbitrary layout to the "View It" screen recording slides. Instead of manually changing the screen recording slides' layouts after SL inserts them into the project, is there a way to tell SL which layout to automatically apply to any "View It"  screen recording slides? Here's an example.

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Chris!

It was so helpful to see a screen recording of what you're looking for! Thanks for taking the time to record that.

Screen recordings should take on the Blank layout. By chance, have you renamed the Blank layout or do you have multiple Blank layouts?

In short, there isn't a way to designate a default layout for screen recordings. They will always use the Blank layout.

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