Can I set restart to go to slide 2?

I have designed a job aid with a landing page with links to different topics (scenes). Depending on the user's immediate need, they pick the scene that is relevant to their need. This means that when they return to the course, they usually restart (to get to the landing page) rather than resume.

I would like to collect their name to personalize feedback and instructions,  but I don't want users to have to type their name every time they restart the landing page.  

Is it possible to add the slide where I collect their name as the first slide, and then set my "Restart" page to the second slide (landing page)? Or is there a better way to do this?

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Sam Hill

Hi Lacey, this will depend on how the content is being delivered. Is the content published to SCORM or just Web? If published to SCORM and delivered through an LMS, the course should be capable of returning the user to their last visited location. If just delivered as a web published file, this will not work in the same way and you won't be able to expect that it will retain a users name and return them to a last visited location.

Lacey Wieser

Hi Sam,

Thanks for responding. The content is published as Web, and delivered through a budget LMS without SCORM capabilities.

I wanted to set the course to always restart (rather than resume) but I couldn't figure out how to retain the username entered on slide 1 and then force the restart to slide 2 (landing page). I decided it was just easier to always resume (to retain their user name) and force them to continue where they left off. If they don't want to be where they left off (usually don't) they can click the home button to return to the landing page on slide 2. It's a bit more work on the user side, but does provide the flexibility for the small number of users who actually want to resume where they left off.

Sam Hill

Hi Lacey,

I understand now thanks. Just be aware if not using something like SCORM, the data is stored in browser cookies. These can be cleared by the user and the user would have to use the same browser on the same device to retain their username.

A solution I can think of is to have the module set to "Always resume". To handle sending the user to the second slide in the project, you could define a True/False variable called "redirected". The default value would be False. On the second slide, have a trigger to set the "redirected" value to True. On the Master Slide have a trigger to redirect the user to the second slide if "redirected" is equal to False.

You need to ensure the first and second slide are not based on the Master Slide that contains the redirection to the second slide.