Can I set up attestation statement on the same page as the content page?

I use Storyline 360 and most of my work involve working with compliance documents.  I would like to create one attestation or acknowledgment question on each page of the document's content.   I would like the attestation question not to be on a separate page but to be on the same page (bottom of page) as the content.   I have used quiz questions to serve as attestation question and that worked well.   

However, my quizzes were mainly on a separate 'quiz page.'    Since I now have individual pages that need attestation,  I would like to shorten the number of slides by putting the acknowledgment question at the bottom of  the same page as the content page.   Any specific direction  on this will be appreciated.   Thanks!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi John,

You could take any slides and use the Convert to Freeform option to turn it into a quiz slide. That would allow you to add in a question type such as a Pick One or Text entry where a learner could indicate they've read/completed that slide. This tutorial will walk you through the options.