Can I update multiple SL2 files to SL 360? (Problem with Mobile compatibility with SL2)

Jan 22, 2018


So far I have been the only member at work that has been using SL 360 to create content and I hadn't notice that Mobile content is not compatible with the SL2 files and newer versions of iOS. 

This doesn't allow our SL2 content to be played in our Mobile app and most of it has been developed in SL2. However, this only happens using iPads, they work fine on iPhones, even though the iOS version is 11.2.1. Could it be related to the screen size?

Updating the .story file in 360 seems to work(republishing with 360 and re-uploading the SCORM file), but as I said before, most of our content is in SL2 and going through every single file is a very long process (we are talking about anywhere between 100 - 200 SL2 files).

I was wondering if somebody would have any suggestion regarding a quicker way to update the files?  Are there any other options? I've read about Articulate Updater but I don't know if this applies since it seems that it's only for SL2 I don't believe it could update the files from SL2 to Sl360, right?

Any input would be much appreciated, thank you for your time.

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Manu Garcia

Hello Christian, I am attaching a screenshot of the settings,  this was sent by a colleague of mine and  for the screenshot he didn't check the checkbox but it has been checked before and we still have those issues. 

As I mentioned before, the only way I have found to fix them so far has been opening the SL2 .story file in SL 360 and republishing it.

I tried the Articulate Updater without any success.

Thanks for your input.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Manu,

The Articulate Updater was specific to a few fixes in Storyline 2 so that you wouldn't need to republish all your content to apply a fix. Since Storyline 360 is a entirely new version of Storyline you'd need to republish content in that version of the software.

As for the content not opening in mobile - it sounds like you've run into the issue described here.  In that sense the Updater should work!  Did you check a standard publish from Storyline 2 of that file and reloading to your LMS? I'd also make sure you're not accessing a cache copy - so trying it on a new device as well! 

Could you share one of your .story files from SL2 with us and we can also give it a try publishing in Storyline 2 and then uploading to an LMS? 

Manu Garcia

Hello Ashley,

I only grabbed the SL2 .zip file that was sent to me and ran in through the Updater.

What is the best way to share a .story file in this forum? Can I share a onedrive or google drive link in my post?



UPDATE: Just as an update. When using the Updater the line that is mentioned gets updated and still won't run:
<a id="launch" href="#" class="button" target="_top">Launch</a>

As I mentioned before this only happens on iPads but iPhones are still able to run the content.


Manu Garcia

Hello again,

As I mentioned I checked the post about changing the amplaunch.html line but it is still not working. This time when I tap on Launch saying that the Browser cannot open the page because the address is invalid.

I am aware here's going to have a be a process to update all the content, I just want to know if there is a simpler and faster way to do it that it is not opening the .story files in 360, republishing, creating a zip and finally re-uploading that zip to the LMS again.



Manu Garcia


I would like to provide an update on this issue.

I think that the problem was that the checkbox for 'Use Articulate Mobile Player for iOS or Android' is checked. You see, we don't want to use the AMP, what we want to use is our LMS player.

Since this box is checked it seems that it is overriding the LMS player and is trying to play the content in AMP.

What is weird is that in SL 360, even if this checkbox is checked the content will play on the LMS. I don't know if that is because of some update or fix to the software that was done exclusively for 360.

I realized some file differences when I publish checking and unchecking the AMP checkbox. amplaunch.html is no longer there when you unchecked the box as well as a file named 'mobileinstall.html' and a reference to amplaunch in the xml manifest.

Removing these files and references does not help since it breaks the SCORM file, I was just wondering if there is a faster way to republish or to fix this that is not opening every file and re-publishing. I don't think Articulate Updater works for this.

Thank you in advance for any last advice.


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