Can I use a remote desktop to record an application example?

Apr 24, 2019

Hi!  I am working with IT to get my computer to remote into our POS cash register system.  I'm trying to record a POS transaction using the screen recording  function on Storyline 360.  I then plan to make that screen recording a video demo and a step-by-step activity.  Does anyone know if the screen recording and video demo work if the application is being access via a remote desktop application like VNC?

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Lianne Budomo

Hello Mariel,

Just a quick reminder, you need to have Storyline installed in the environment where you wish to conduct the screen recording. Have you already done so?

Also, this article lists down the environments where Storyline isn't currently supported. I'm not familiar with VNC but have you tried this setup before? Did it work?




Mariel Newkirk

Hi Lianne,  No I have not tried this set-up before.  Also, I read through the article you posted.  I currently use Storyline with vmware because i have a mac.  So far, no issues with it.  I have had issues with editing storyline projects on a server.  Now I copy them straight to my desktop and have no had no issues.  Thanks for sharing this article.  I'll share my findings from this experiment.  For Science!

Crystal Horn

Hi Mariel! Using Storyline within the Windows environment hosted by VMWare should be fine; we have folks on our team who do the same thing.

We advise against doing a screen recording from a remote location because it can cause issues with the recording quality and performance. If you attempt this setup, however, let us know your findings!

Mariel Newkirk

Here are my findings from the test.  It worked!  I used the screen recording as a video demo and then step by step activity.

I did have to change the mouse settings on the remote desktop application.  The reason being, my mouse was part of the images articulate created.  Which was a dead give away to the learner.  But after I changed those settings, everything looked and worked great!

James Finder
Mariel Newkirk

I'm trying to record a interaction using the screen recording  function on Storyline 360.  I then plan to make that screen recording a video demo and a step-by-step activity. 

Similar situation here. I have an SME that will be performing the process. Did your SME peform the process or did you? What settings did you need to edit in order for it to perform as expected? Any issues I should be aware of?

Katrina Reiniers-Jackson

Joining in to ask a followup question. I need to record a screencast demo of a program that's Mac-Only. I installed Storyline on a PC system in our server room and I access it through Microsoft Remote Desktop. However, I did a short test and determined I'm unable to run Storyline on the remote desktop, then have it record the mac-based software I'm using in the other workspace. 

I'm unfamiliar with VM Ware, but is this the only method recommended for recording a screencast on a Mac? Or do I just need to do a regular screen record in Quicktime or another program, and import it into Storyline like a movie file? 



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