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Jussi Luukkonen

I created a GIF but it does not show on the Storyline preview and I cannot figure out why not. Could you help with this please? I have a very tight deadline and it seems that Storyline is a complex and not so straight forward tool as I thought it would be.

Another thing: is there any Mac OS version coming?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jussi!

Do you experience the same issue if you insert in a new file or is it just happening in a particular file?

As to the Mac version, that is a common request and you are welcome to share your thoughts here as well.

Also please note that replying to the forums via e-mail attaches your signature, but you are welcome to pop in and edit if needed.

Jussi Luukkonen

Hi Leslie

thank you for your quick responses.

I have so far been testing only with the GIF I sent to you on one screen. I have a very tight timeframe for this and I need to progress the work, which means that I have very limited time for testing. I would appreciate if you could come up with a practical solution without extensive troubleshooting. Another pain is that I didn’t create the basic version of this Storyline file, which means that way it has been put together causes another set of headaches. I am very novice Storyline user, which makes things even more challenging.


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jussi!

I apologize for not being clear. I did not have any trouble with your GIF. Wendy mentioned the same findings when she took a look.

I'm attaching the file that I tested with.

Therefore, it seems like the issue may be within your file or software.

If limited to your file, you can import into a new file or if you have difficulty with your software you may want to consider a repair.

If you feel you need to work directly with our support engineers, you may connect with them here.

ahssan moshref

Hi Leslie the actual project file is big. upload a test file specific with then animate gif. If someone can help  make that work I could take it over to the project.

I have added the storyline file and two gif files.

I really appreciate you guys looking into this quickly.

Xavier Canadell Boix

Hi there.

I have the same issue discussed here.

AS Ahssan, I have exported an animated gif using Photoshop CC. It works well on a web browser and powerpoint.

When I import the file on storyline 2, I only get an static image. I don't get any error message. I have checked the delay time and it seems to be ok. 

Sadly, I cannot share the file.

What can I do?

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Xavier and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Thanks for reaching out and letting us know what you are experiencing with your gif.

I was able to identify an issue we have reported surrounding high-resolution gifs. A workaround listed is to reduce the resolution or quality of the gif, and I've also seen reducing the size to be a solution for some customers. Hopefully one of those will be able to help you out as well.

I'll attach this conversation to our report.