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Peter Anderson

Hi Tracy

Phil's right. We haven't announced plans for native Mac versions of our software to enable content authoring on non-Windows systems. However, you can install Articulate products in Parallels Desktop, VMware Fusion, or Apple Boot Camp:


For best practices using Articulate software in Parallels Desktop, please review the following article:


Although Articulate content cannot be authored natively in a Mac environment, learners can view the published output on a Mac.

Michael Rosenberger

I use a Mac with VM Fusion and load Windows 7. This allows me to support and test applications for both Mac and Windows user, and is brilliant when doing screen recording demonstrations because I can show applications nuances (like the different interface options or clicks) for both systems.

Storyline has worked flawless in this setup, and VMware Fusion has an educational discount if you are in academia, only $49 compared to $99. Either way it is a very good deal.