Can Lightbox Trigger target a slide layer

Aug 09, 2012


Is it possible to use the built-in Lightbox trigger to display a slide layer as the Lightbox?

Thank you,

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Steve Flowers

Hi, Daniel - 

You can't display a layer as a lightbox but you can make a layer look like a lightbox. By dropping a semi-transparent layer at the back of your layer, you can make it appear just like a lighbox and style it as you like. Since the default behavior of layers is to "force the new layer to the top" it's natural

If you want to get fancy you can create a "layer master" with this feature within the feedback masters. That way if you want your layer to look like a lightbox you just right click the stage and apply the layer master.

You can even add these "lightbox-like" layers to the master slide for a more global application.

Daniel Bolia

Hi all,

I took Steve's suggestion above and implemented the concept of creating a faux Lightbox from slide layers. As I was creating my practice file, I had the idea to replicate the web page picture viewer effect that is common on many home pages.

In other words, I want the user to see a layer that has been formatted to look like a light box. In this case I have multiple layers or lightboxes. When the user click on the link the lightbox will show and automatically begin showing each lightbox (layer) in sequence for a set time. I'm using the radio buttons to indicate which lightbox the user is viewing. The buttons also allow the user to selectively pick a ligthbox to view. The last lightbox in the set will have the red X to close and return to the base slide.

Problems: I think that once the layer opens it does not go away because I can see that each successive layer makes the transparent background darker. Also, the auto rotate only goes one iteration then stops. I am able to get the radio button to function by opening the correct layer. I also used a Show Layer after timeline ends to auto rotate the layers. After looking at some of the examples from the articulate forum and I fairly certain that I will need to add some variables and triggers to listens for the states of the layer, then show/hide them accordingly. However, I do not have enough experience to create all the pieces and make it function properly. Please help, unfortunately my file is over 2mb and will not upload to this forum. Is there any other way to upload larger files?

 Thank you,

Daniel Bolia

Hi Tim,

You are correct, I was able to get the slide layers to turn off by selecting the "Hide other slide layer" option.

I still need to resolve the auto rotating feature which will continuously shows each layer in succession. Also, when the user click on the radio buttons to select the layer, there is an extremely long lag time before the correct layer is shown.

Thank you,

Daniel Bolia


Everything is working as it should now that I've applied all of the settings you recommended. Thank you for that. The only thing that would make it perfect now would be to pause the auto rotate cycle when the mouse is hovering over the red circle with the white X, then resumes when its back to the normal state.

Although I can do without this feature, I'd like to learn how to make it work. Any suggestion?

Thank you,

Daniel Bolia

Hi Tim,

That is a creative solution that works. This method also turns the Red Circle/White X object into a toggle button for manually advancing through the layers by just hovering on and off this object.

This practice file also provides me with a good examples of what the slide layer properties does; thank you for that.


Tania Thomas

Haha thanks I've been loitering for a loooong time.

The goal for the layers is quite a few things, have I have often thought to just build layers as slides to make life easier - but it is nice to ultimately have less slides to work with overall.

I have lodged the request and I am just continuing with my own work around for now. :)

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