can multiple people access a course that is on a shared drive or will one person "block" another?

May 07, 2019

We do not have an LMS yet, but are starting to use Articulate for compliance training. I placed the output folder on a public share drive for the company. Can more than one person access that course at a time? Or will someone be "blocked" until the other user exits the course? 

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Gerry Wasiluk

Assuming you published to the web and HTML5, I believe multiple folks should be able to access it at the same time.

The bigger issue that you may find is that shared drives are not always the best vehicle for delivering such content.  Performance might be spotty.   Always far better if you can instead use a true web server or LMS instead of shared drives or things like Dropbox.

Matt Egan

As a continuation (sort of)  - the sessions I am publishing to the shared drive is on a generic public computer that various hourly employees will access through the shift. I am not finding the right trigger or action to reset the course so the next person can sign in on the first slide(setting up the certificate at the end. It shows the ability to Resume (goes to the print page) or Restart. I feel some inexperienced folks may get hung up on the choice. Just trying to make it as basic as I can. Any thoughts as I pick up some experience using the software?  Thanks in advance. 

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