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Swapna K

The same is happening with me some file from this week. It was working fine before the until last week. 
Unable to export for translation - am getting two types of errors - sometime I get the same error as Lu Long - sometimes am getting the "Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation."

Ren Gomez

Hi Leadership Development,

Thanks for reaching out! I see that you've recently been able to overcome this by closing out your MS Office files. I appreciate you sharing this!

If you keep running into this issue, try the solution Katie shared in that discussion to:

  1. Split the project into multiple parts by doing a Save As on the original .story file to reduce the number of slides.
  2. Export and translate the translation documents and then import them into the original .story file.

If that doesn't help, our support team can lend you a hand with your file as well!