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Dave Parry

Hello Brian

Thanks for you response but we have moved beyond this for now.  Many of these errors we experienced have disappeared when we selected the option to "publish"  the course from articulate to an LMS folder (rather that copy the course on the Windows server).  That said, we have still not managed to get the Storyline Training Course to run on OpenElms yet, so will continue to trial various load options and will keep you posted of any success.  However, it appears from OpenElms Support,  that the quiz file is part of the ismanifest file please see their response below.

"The quiz will be included in the manifest, try to include quiz in the description of the course and import. The other is to make sure the course content is in the folder ( not a folder within a folder and not a zip ) also the folder name only appears as the description as in the ecourses folder

Hope it helps"

Any suggestions welcome ....


Dave Parry

Cracked it ..

Once you have published course to the server you then need to;

Copy (not cut) all files from the LMS and Story folders and paste them in "New Course" Folder (this will effectively duplicate the files but do not worry). Note you may have a message asking if you want to copy a blank.html file, the response is No - don’t copy.