Can object states be remembered when a learner resumes a course?

I have a course that has 7 chapters.  Each time a learner completes a chapter, I have a trigger to change the state of the chapter's button to "Visited", marking it complete.

If the user leaves the course then returns, I have it set up to ask the user if he/she would like to resume where he/she left off.  If they choose to resume, is there a way for the chapter's buttons to remember their states?  I know it doesn't impact the complete/incomplete status, but because I have the visual indicators, the learners want them to all show up when they're finished.  (Does that make sense?)

Thank you!

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Stratbeans C

Hi Teresa,

This is surely possible, In fact, resume feature in storyline is built in a way that whenever a person resumes a course, all the states remain as they were left, even variables do not change their value.

So, don't worry, just march ahead soldier. resume feature will be covering your back. 

Teresa Donnelly

HI Leslie,

Right now, it's not functioning the way it is apparently supposed to.  When the user resumes, they do go back to the slide where they left, but the states on the chapter buttons return to their normal state... they don't resume to their "visited" states.  So while the user has credit for completing their chapters, visually it looks like they haven't.