Can one of you Storyline gurus take a crack at this?

The idea is for a user to respond to a series of T/F questions. When they click a T/F button they get instant feedback on whether they are right or wrong and then the next question appears. When they answer the last question if they have any incorrect answers they are taken to the first incorrect answer and can try and answer it again. When all answers are correct the feedback layer appears. 

In this example there are 3 questions. It mostly works but not entirely. If you answer the first two questions correctly and the third incorrectly it does not show the first question. It's probably a trigger order or something simple but I am scratching my head trying to figure it. 


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Daniel Servan

Hi Patrick,

I have modified your file but I'm not sure if this is what you want.

Please see the attached file.

Every time you click Yes/No button, it goes directly to Finish screen/slide.
The Finish screen will decide if there are pending questions to be answered.

[When Counter is <3]
If Counter is is equal 1, proceed to Question 2
If Counter is is equal 2, proceed to Question 3
If Counter is is equal 3, check whose questions are False

[When Counter is =3]
If Question 1 is False, proceed with Question 1
If Question 2 is False, proceed with Question 2;
If Question 3 is False, proceed with Question 3;

If no more conditions are true, continue playing the timeline until Finish screen will display.
Please see the timing when showing Questions and hiding the layer.