Can only add new triggers to the first slide

I'm a newbie at this and I've been searching for hours ...please help! I want to add new triggers to all of my slides (that aren't quizzes) that disable the next button until the audio is finished. I did so successfully for the first slide, but every time I try to do this for the other slides the only option the menu gives me is to add to slide 1.1 . When I select 'this slide' it applies the trigger to slide 1.1 (regardless of what slide I'm on). 

What am I missing? Thanks!

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Mcgem Minoc

Hello Raelan,

Good Day! I'd love to help.

Based on how you describe what's happening, I'm thinking it's either caused by corrupted slides or Storyline360 is just not working properly. Sometimes, imported course assets can cause corruption and the only fix is to rebuild the slide.

Let me share these articles on how to avoid unexpected behavior when creating courses in Storyline:

I suggest adding a new blank slide on your project just to test whether this new slide is selectable in the trigger wizard. It will be hard to know what object is causing the corruption. If you feel comfortable sharing your .story file here the community can take a look or you can submit a case privately and connect the support engineers for further troubleshooting.