Can Paragraph Spacing Be Set?

May 01, 2013

Hi.  Is there a way to specify the paragraph spacing within a bullet list (i.e., in a single text box)?  I know I can set the line spacing, but I would like to keep the line spacing at one value while adding more space between the bullets.

Thank you.


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Kendra Kernen

Brett, I read your reply to "Line spacing in Storyline" and agree 100%. I copied your list and submitted a feature request, along with my own thoughts. I added to your list the ability to set project defaults for text, tabs, margins, paragraphs, etc. or the ability to set up styles. Format Painter doesn't work very well and Slide Masters are just okay, but they're usefulness is very limited. I feel like I spend at 30% of my time on any project just formatting text, paragraphs, tabs, etc. so they are consistent and look good. I see your posts are over 2 years old, but there are new Storyline users every day, so let's keep trying to improve this product! 

Patricia Funston

Hello! I love RISE, but the fact that it forces me to use font sizes and line spacing (leading) that are incorrect for information architecture really, really disappoints me. And here a "feature request" was mentioned 8 years ago, and then made officially 5 years ago and the problem persists? -- Disappointing. Those factors matter for learners who are reading text! I attach an example of a bulleted list using in "Text on image". I have lots of horizontal space on this image to make my bullets display in a more readable fashion, but I have no power to do so.

Are there any other workarounds that can make this work better for me? Do I need to re-design this image in Storyline or re-create image + text as an image?

Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Patricia! While there isn't a way to control the line spacing on a "Text on image" block, I love your idea to recreate this block on a slide in Storyline 360!

Once you have the image and text created in Storyline 360, select both objects, right-click the selection, and choose "Save as Image." Then, upload the image into Rise 360 as an "Image centered" block. Give that a try, and let us know if you need a hand along the way! 

Patricia Funston

Hi Alyssa. I understand the steps to select both objects and Save as image. Although in SL 360, it looks like the option is "Export shape as picture". Glad to know I don't need to go all the way to make the slide a "SL component"!

But I'm not happy with what I'm producing in SL. It's strange, because the source image comes from the Content Library, but it is much more vibrant and supports the use of white text over white background objects in RISE compared to its appearance in SL. (In the attached example, I also increased opacity of the image.)

Ren Gomez

Hi Patricia,

Thanks for the follow-up! I compared both images side to side and noticed you're able to see the Rise image text more clearly because the image is much darker, providing a better backdrop for white text.

You may have to play around with the image a little more, but I found good results with using the Format Tools to:

  • Adjust Color to -20%
  • Adjust Contrast to -20%

You may also consider adding a rectangle shape on top of the image, changing the fill color to black or gray, and right-clicking to Format Shape so you can adjust the transparency to your liking!

I hope these tips help!