Can PRINT RESULTS Info Be Customized?

Aug 16, 2018

The information on the PRINT RESULTS page/table does not "tie off" well with the information I've carefully designed into my questions slides, leaving the Learner (and anyone supporting the Learner wh0 views the Results) a bit of a challenge to understand & interpret the Results.


  • The Question Slide TITLE does not appear in the Results summary table, just the generic name for the Question TYPE (12 items generically labeled "True/False" is not helpful!). 
    Print Results Page
  • (less important to me, but still...) The Correct Answer and Student Answer call out the generic name of the mechanism by which the response is collected, rather than what the course author called the element.

This more generic information, rather than the customized course information, lacks context that would help the User/Viewer more easily understand or remember which question is which, and interpret the performance of the User.
Results Slide Properties

Is there a way to customize the information that displays in the Print Results page/table to match the information used by the Design/Author?

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Crystal Horn

Hi Brad!  Your print results should include your question and answer text, so it's a bit mysterious why you're only getting those generic slide object names.  Here's my mockup for comparison.

At first I thought maybe you weren't using a "question title" layout (which will help communicate the question text for the print results report), but your screenshot really says it all.  Nothing is coming through for that report.  Would you be able to share your .story file with me for a closer look?