Can published course pause automatically if another window opens?

Oct 04, 2017

While you’re playing a course and flip to another window or application, the audio in the training continues while the progress of the seekbar does not. So, the audio and video progress of the slide becomes off-sync when the viewer returns to it.

This project is set up as restricted, read only for the seekbar, and slide advances by the user.  The customer would like the project to pause if another window opens.  Any ideas how to do that?

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Michael Bauer

Is there something you can do with "When control loses focus"? Only discovered this the other day, but what if once the video plays that a hotspot appears on the screen (with no trigger). If you click on the hotspot nothing happens. If you click elsewhere (aka losing the focus of the hotspot) then that might pause?

GIve it a go and see.

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