Can remediation feedback be provided outside of a quiz?

New to SL2.   The keepers of our LMS ask that simulations provide remediation feedback when an incorrect answer is entered or selected.  This is NOT within a quiz . A sample screen is attached.

To proceed to the next field in the sample, the learner needs to enter an "A" in the Generic Indicator Override field.  If the learner enters any other character or attempts to enter in any other field, I'd like to have a layer display with feedback on what the correct entry should be.  Is that possible?

Much appreciation!

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Linda,

Are you referring to the hints or another caption generated? Those are included automatically as a part of the screen recording - so you may want to look at modifying the captions on the screens. If I'm misunderstanding, could you share an image with us here so that we could take a look at what you're looking at. 

Linda Burke

Sure, I'll attach some screens of a fake account.  The second screen shows a white box where the pop-up appears in the actual program.  If you remove the white box, you can see the underlying screen.  I have found that if I start recording on the screen with the pop-up box, it will capture the pop-up.  Maybe that's the solution ... for now.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Linda,

Yes, the screen recording will capture whatever is on your screen. As for the white box you're seeing on the second screen it seems that is a text entry slide and as such, it'll generate a text entry box that takes up the screen - you can resize that to allow it to fit in a smaller section and appear more standard with your screen recording. 

Hopefully that helps and please let us know if you need anything else.