Can Rise courses be imported as links in Storyline?

This may be an odd question .... I know I can use Storyline blocks in Rise, but can I author content in Rise and them host them as separate modules in Storyline?  I guess I am thinking, for example, that I could create a course menu slide in Storyline and that each menu item (for example, Module 1, Module 2, etc.) would be individual courses created in Rise.  The menu links in Storyline, could be web links to the Rise course (the URL).  

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Tom Kuhlmann
  • Export the Rise course.
  • Unzip the folder.
  • Storyline: insert a web object and go to the Rise content folder with the index.html
  • Publish the Storyline course and you can see the web object.

This will work, but it may look great since Rise is a different authored course and may no display the way you want when embedded in Storyline.