Can section completions be retained on subsequent logins?

Dec 17, 2013

In our module, we have a main menu that tracks completion of module sections with a checkmark next to the name of the section after it is complete.Navigation is non-linear -- learners can go to any section they like at any time --except that the last section (final quiz) only becomes available after people complete all the other sections.

The problem we are having is that when people log out of the LMS and then log in again, the module has lost all the section completion data, so they have to start over.The module is pretty long, so this is causing problems.

Is there any way to have the section completion data be retained through multiple log-ins for the same user? That would be ideal. If not, what kind of work around would you suggest? 

When a person returns to the module and says they want to resume where they left off, does Storyline know which slides they have already completed so they can just complete the remaining slides to receive completion in the LMS?

Please advise so we can figure out how to address this quickly and help our client!

Thank you very much,


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Ellen Brodsky

Hi Ashley,

Did you guys receive my .story file? If so, did you find anything?

We've tried everything you suggested... Changing the setting so the module controls resumption helps, but not completely. It's still erratic. We tried the SAVE button to SAVE or RESUME slide solution. That doesn't work. We also tried publishing for LMS and then posting it outside the LMS and it works perfectly! So it seems the most likely answer is that something is wrong in how Storyline and the LMS are communicating...  Has anyone else had this issue before?  If so, what have they done about it? Please advise ASAP, My client is very unhappy with all this...

Thank you!


Ellen Brodsky

A colleague just told me that if Storyline's suspend_data exceeds the maximum, it will not give an error message. He also mentioned that suspend_data only comes into play when played inside the LMS. Do you think this could be the issue? It's quite a large module... What is the maximum that Storyline's suspend_data can handle?  What exactly is in suspend_data?

In out experiments, the issue of not saving the state does not come on the first few sections -- it only happens after at least a couple of sections have already been completed, no matter what the order. So maybe it has to do with suspend_data maxing out?

Please advise ASAP.

Thank you,


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ellen,

Sorry I just saw your file this am (different time zones likely!). Since you shared the information about it only not working in the LMS, it's likely the suspend data. The information on the data limits is available here, and although Storyline compresses suspend data to avoid exceeding data limits imposed by some learning management systems it's still possible to exceed the limit. As a result of the compression, the suspend_data string in an LMS debug log isn't human-readable. That is, you won't be able to decipher it. 

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