Can separate video and audio files be used outside of Storyline?

Oct 26, 2015

I need to find out if there's a way to use a video recorded in Storyline with an audio file recorded outside of SL, and then deliver them in .mp4 format? I see where the .mp4 file is in the Story Content folder, but I want to record the audio separately as an audio file with Audacity. Then I'll import both files on one slide and sync the audio. Can this synced video and audio then be saved as an .mp4?

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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Lori -  This is not going to be easy but there are a few things you could try.  First if you recorded the video in Storyline without audio then you can insert the audio that you recorded separately into the slide that has the video. You are then going to have to try and synch up the audio to the video manually. This is going to be by trial and error - you have to play the video and listen to the audio and then either insert silence or remove it in the audio file to get the timing to line up with the video. One suggestion might be to cut up the audio file (using Audacity) into segments before inserting them into Storyline. You can then move the individual segments to the appropriate spots on the timeline.

Once you have the audio and video synched there is no way to export the entire thing as an MP4 - so if you want this to be MP4 then you can play the slide and then use a tool like Camtasia to record the screen. If you don't have Camtasia then you  can publish your slide and then use the record feature in Storyline to record the slide.