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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Guys,

I was able to pause audio by using a Pause Media when the user clicks this trigger -  same object that triggered the layer. Then on the layer, I added a trigger to play the media when the layer was hidden - same object that was used to hide the layer and return to the base layer.

Greg Hagar

It seems that if you create the stop media trigger on the base layer, and then copy it to the new layer (and then delete the original base layer trigger) this seems to stop the base layer media from the new layer -- > however, you can't edit that trigger - if you try to edit the trigger - the media field is blank (and base layer media doesn't appear as an option in the drop down). However, this doesn't seem to affect the functionality - the base layer media will still stop! 

Can anyone else confirm this?

Greg Hagar

Yes, apologies for the confusion, that is not quite what we're talking about here (pardon me, but it's been a while since this was at front of mind).

Here is an attached SL that illustrates exactly what we're really talking about - stopping the base layer audio when the timeline of a new layer starts (without pausing the base layer). Here's it is quite clear - if you open the trigger on the new layer you'll see that the target field is blank and that you can't select the base layer audio file in the drop-down. 

I cannot create a new trigger on the new layer to stop base layer audio  when timeline of new layer starts, but if i create the same trigger on the base layer and then copy it to the new layer, it does work. Is that making more sense?

Perhaps the expected behaviour for controlling audio across different layers is different for a click-based event than it is for a timeline-based event?