Can SL define the size of the target window when Recording Screen?

When Recording screens Captivate has a great feature. You specify the dimensions and choose the application (e.g. Excel) you want to screen record, and it automatically resizes the application to the dimension you specify. As anyone who clips a lot of software sims can tell you, it's a huge time-saver, and enforces consistency in appearance.

Does Storyline have something similar? I can see that it has the opposite functionality, in which you can define a recording are. And you can also snap to an existing application.

But if you need to clip Excel at 920 x 480 (for example) it's a very tedious process (resizing Excel to be 920 x 480... how do you even do that?) and you're never sure you've got it right. And you have to to this every time.

In summary, can SL define the size of the target application when screen recording it?



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