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Steven McAneney

Jon, why don't you simply use the volume control on the player? See these instructions on how to add it.If you don't want the player volume control displayed for all slides, you can set your own custom player with the volume control active, and only apply that to specific slides as shown here.

With embedded movies, disable the player seekbar because this and the actual movie are notorious for getting out of sync. Instead, switch on the player controls for the actual video, shown here.

Lizzie Angell

HI I have tried to use the tutorial from Swift and cannot get it to work! :(

I have used:

volumeSlider with parameters: start-end: 0-1; step 0.1; initial: 0.8
So you don’t need use dividing by 10.


var player=GetPlayer();
var v_volume = player.GetVar(“volumeSlider”);


Can anyone point out where I am going wrong?