Can Storyline 1 open Storyline 2 files?

Our client has Storyline 2 and wants to record his company presentation in 2, then send it to me to tweak and put online for his employees.

I have Storyline 1. Can version 1 open version 2 files?

Alternatively, can he record his, export sound files, send me his PPT, and I can import all into Storyline 1 and reassemble?

Please don't just tell me to go upgrade. Not an option right now. :-(

Thanks! :-)


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Kim Simmons

Hi Dave,

Sorry but AS1 can't open AS2 files.

(link for additional review

However, you can easily import PPT files into AS1. I haven't tried it importing sound files, but it's worth a try. Hopefully you'll get more input elsewhere.