Can Storyline 2 generate an email based on course input?

Nov 11, 2015

We're working on building a training + sales estimator for our sales team.  Ideally, we'd like them to make selections that would then generate a sales quote and from there launch Outlook with the generated quote included.

So it would work like this:  I would input the customer's name and email address in the course (as a text variable).  I would then select the number of sprockets the customer ordered.  The course would automatically generate the pricing for this number of sprockets.  When I click 'Submit' (or whatever I call the button), Storyline would open Outlook and the message would contain the customer's name, order quantity, and cost.  The 'To' field in the message would automatically be populated by the email address I entered into the course.  

Is this possible?  Will I need to write special javascript code to accomplish this?  Can we export the email with formatting and visuals, or do we need to build our own html for the email? Thank you!

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Fletcher -- If I am understanding your question correctly, I am fairly certain that it's not an option by default within Storyline, but it may be something you'd be able to set up with Javascript. I know we have a number of community members who are well versed in Java and you could also review the information here in regards to our best practices. Here is one such thread that may get you started on what to set up. Please let us know if that helps or if you had something else in mind! :)

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