Can Storyline 360 securely redact sensitive data?

We often need to record screens containing sensitive data. Although we use a database with dummy data for this there are still occasions when we need to obscure parts of the screen.

It's possible to draw rectangle shapes to cover parts of the image, and these work fine in normal use when a user is playing back the course.

Unfortunately, behind the scenes the unredacted images are downloaded to the user's machine, and it's easy to get access to these. This is when publishing to web, 'HTML5 only' option.

Ideally, it would be great if the layers which are used to build up the course were flattened upon publishing but this isn't the case.

Is there a setting I'm missing somewhere to make this happen, and make the recordings more secure?

Storyline 360, v3.22.17236.0

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, John.  This is a great conversation to have.  Currently, we don't have a way to modify those raw media files that are included in the published output.  This sounds like a really thoughtful feature request, though, so I'm going to submit it to our team for you!

Does anyone else have suggestions about handling sensitive information in screen recordings?