Can Storyline help with this quiz workflow?

May 08, 2012

Hi, I am evaluating Articulate Storyline for my organization. So far, I am blown away by the simpicity and great features. It is a solid competitor to another well known product out there.

We want to use the tool to create e-learning lessons and stand alone quizzes. My question is regarding the quizzes.  This is what we want to achieve:

1) users take the quiz (no feedback given as they respond)

2) at the end, they view the result screens. if they have more than 70%, they pass.

3) if they have less than 70%, they can click "review" or "retake quiz", or close the quiz completely.

  •      if they click "review" they review and when they are done, they can retake the quiz immediately, or they can  close the quiz and return later for their second attempt.
  • if they click retake quiz- they can take it immediately
  • if they choose to close the quiz completely, upon launching it again, they can go for their second attempt.

For the scenarios above, so far, i have been able to give users the option to retake and review. the problem is that if they review and then click the retake button immediately, the button is not activiated.  i still don't know how to make it so that they can retake the quiz immediately after reviewing it, or allow them to retake it after they have left and returned.

it sounds very complicated. if you can suggest ways of making this easier, let me know. i would be interested knowing what others are doing out there.  I think it is critical for people to know which questions they missed, so they can go back and review the content (if they chose to)., so any suggestion must give users the ability to see the questions they answered incorrectly.


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