Can Storyline Remember User Settings Across Multiple Slides?

My scenario:  All slides in my module contain narrative text.  I have created a button that, when clicked, displays a reduced, bullet version of the text. This bulleted version is on 'Layer 1'.  My button simply displays Layer 1 when clicked, and closes the layer (returns to the Base layer) when clicked on Layer 1.  In other words, the user can toggle between full text and bullet text on a single slide with the click of a button.

Here's my issue:  When each new slide displays, it defaults to the full narrative text on the base layer.  The user must click the button again to display the bulleted text on layer 1.  This must be repeated on every slide.

My partial solution:  I created a variable (variable_01) that is set to True or False based on whether the user clicks the button to display bulleted text on Layer 1 (True) or clicks again to display the base layer with narrative text (False).   So far so good.  On the next slide, my first trigger is set so that when the Timeline begins, it displays Layer 1 if the variable is set to True or the base layer if the variable is set to False.  

My Problem:  When the user navigates to this next slide and the trigger sees that Layer 1 must be displayed when the Timeline begins, it momentarily displays the base layer text and a second later, it shows the text on Layer 1.  This is bad; I want the text on Layer 1 to be immediately displayed.  I tried offsetting the text on layer 1 so that it wouldn't appear for a second or two, but then it appears and overlays the text on Layer 1.  Is there a more elegant solution to handle this issue?



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Curt,

It looks like you've set up the slide and variable as I would have recommended, and the slight delay may just be the time Storyline or your server needs to process displaying the slide. There isn't a "faster" way to get the layer to display other than the trigger you used. 

You didn't mention if you were seeing this in preview or publish, but if it's within the publish that the delay is more noticeable, you may want to look at the publish environment and ensure you're testing in it's final destination - and you could also use a few of the free web servers mentioned in this article to test the content and see if it's the server that is causing a delay. Also, I'd recommend testing from different wireless networks or browsers to help narrow down the fastest.