Can't access web apps after updates

Our team have been having an ongoing issue with access to the Content Library and Review 360 in Storyline.

Due to the structure of our organisation all app updates must go through the IT department before they are approved. This means that, although we do keep Storyline and Articulate 360 pretty up to date, we cannot be updating these programs automatically.

The problem is that everytime an update comes through we can no longer publish to Review 360 or access the Content library.

Access to these fundamental components of Articulate should not be dependant on updates. Especially as there are so many being rolled out currently.

I would ask that this issue is rectified urgently as it is making progress on our projects almost impossible.

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Audrey Jinks

I totally agree! I used Storyline blocks in Rise courses and this option sometimes disappears completely. I had everything updated yesterday and successfully published to Review, only to have it missing again this morning.

Can someone please shed some light on this? It's very frustrating. Attached image show latest updates and missing Review option.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Emma and Audrey!

Depending on the security permission, you might need to reach out to your IT department to check your network endpoints. This article lists the domains that are needed for your Articulate 360 apps to work properly. 

Audrey, thanks for attaching this screenshot! You're right, it looks like Review 360 is missing. We don't have the option to publish to Review 360 in Storyline 3. Is it possible that you had that program open instead of Storyline 360?

Here are the Publish options in Storyline 3 and Storyline 360:

Storyline 360                                                          Storyline 3