Can't Add Hyperlink to Graded Slide in SL360

I created a Multiple Choice question slide and am attempting to add Post-quiz Review feedback.  I added a line of text but when I clicked the hyperlink icon at the top of the screen I got the Articulate Storyline Error Report. If I click the right mouse button and then selected 'Hyperlink,' I get nothing.  The Trigger Wizard does not appear.  This seems to be happening intermittently.  I have submitted the report multiple times explaining what I was doing when the error occurred but have not received a response.  Is this a known issue?  


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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Jacqueline.

Thank you for reaching out!

I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing crashing and erratic behavior when attempting to insert a hyperlink in Storyline 360! I have a few questions to narrow down the issue:

If a repair doesn't solve the issue, I'd like to connect you with one of our support engineers. You can open a case here