Can't change fill color of caption in Review slide of feedback masters

It took me a while to discover that the box on the Review slide of the feedback masters is neither a text box nor a shape. It's a caption. But I could use some help on how to format it. I tried right clicking to get to format shape. I tried the format tab. I tried changing colors on the design theme. I even tried to find it in the player settings.

As a workaround I created Custom Review layers and replace the default review quiz button with my own to redirect to them. But we are building a lot of quizzes and it sure would be a lot easier to use the standard review feedback layer.

Is this just one of those things that is un-editable - like the correct and incorrect labels that show in the Quiz Review?

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Holly Peters

Hi Leslie, 

Yes, I'm referring to the slide titled Review in the Feedback Masters. I don't have a file to share as I was just working with the standard template for a new project. The review slide has a caption box with a blue gradient. I can change the color to preset options but I want to change it to custom fill and border colors and get rid if the gradient.

Holly Peters

Thanks for your help, Leslie. Formatting the shape, however, doesn't seem to be my problem. I can edit and format the Master slide with no problem, but the Review slide (circled in the attached image) is the one that is not cooperating.

When I right click the blue box, select Format Shape, and choose Solid Fill, the box doesn't change. The gradient remains. It seems I can change the color or choose from the pre-formatted shape styles, but I can't figure out how to get the box the custom fill that I want. Any ideas?