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Doug Nelson

Following up on Justin's reply (from 6 years ago):

Storyline does not support change state triggers on...
...objects that are located on a layer (other than the base layer) within a master slide.

I *am* able to change the state of an object on a master slide layer with a button that's also on that layer. For example, if Button 1 and Button 2 are both on the same layer within a master, then this works:

When the user clicks Button 1,  change state of Button 2 to "Selected"

What doesn't work is to have the trigger "When the timeline starts on this slide (or layer), change the state of Button 2 to Selected." It doesn't work if that trigger is linked to the button that shows the layer, either. 

It would sure be nice if this could work -- I'm trying to have a persistent overlay to show badges collected, and was hoping to use a master layer rather than a lightbox.