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Sylvia Wright

Hi Wendy, I've tried both directions and even though the do undo buttons show a change has taken place it does not show in the triggers panel and that is even saving the file and reopening...no visible change.

Okay, since the do undo buttons indicated something really was happening, I just decided to keep clicking on the change order button and after about 30 clicks it moved up so I kept clicking and after about 60 clicks it finally moved in one jump to where it needed to be. I do NOT understand it, but it is fixed. THANK YOU for your input.


Jeff Forrer

You are correct Sylvia, only in SL360.  I have run into similar issues in SL360 and SL3, where sometimes the triggers are not able to move up or down.  Sometimes I do a Save As to a new file and close out of SL altogether, and that usually does it, or last resort, delete and recreate the trigger(s). 

I also did recreate your triggers in SL3 and they seemed to work on my end ;0/ but that doesn't help much, sounds like you got it working ;0).