Can't change trigger order

Aug 16, 2012

I have a layer with multiple triggers on it and I want to change the order of them. However the up and down buttons in the trigger panel are greyed out and I can't seem to figure out how to change their order. I know this must be pretty simple. 

Thanks in advance,


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Jamie Morgan

Hi Whitney,

Do you have multiple triggers on a single object or do you have one trigger on each object and are trying to change the order of those? The up and down option is only available if you have multiple triggers on a single object or at the slide level.

If that's not the case, then perhaps snagging an image of your trigger panel & uploading it with your reply will help us to assist you better.

Whitney Lowe

Hi Jamie:

That is it exactly. I have multiple triggers on the slide but they are associated with different objects. Consequently, as I understand, the order does not matter. I tried adding more than one trigger to a single object and the arrow buttons became live so those triggers could be changed. 

Thanks very much!


Elearn Wagggs

Hi All, 

I just wanted to mention that if you have several objects with a single trigger for each then you need to create the triggers in reverse order.  

I have text inside coloured shapes which change state (to disabled) as they're clicked, (see attached image). Because the yellow shape is at the bottom (I created it last) it isn't working through the sequence properly and I have to delete the triggers and start over :(

Leslie Steele

I have multiple triggers on a single object and I'd like to change their display order--not their execution order--but the up and down arrows are grayed out.  For example, I have several buttons displayed on my slide and because they each have more than one trigger, I'd like to see them in the panel in the order they appear on the screen (to make it easier to see what I'm working with for each button).  Will I need to delete and re-enter them, or is there some way to get my up and down buttons enabled?


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Leslie,

Those buttons will only change the order of triggers as they appear for each item or the player as a whole. You can't move the location of individual items such as buttons or objects in that list to have them appear in the order that you'd see them. This tutorial with the section on understanding Trigger order will also help you understand the set up for how they're displayed. Also, here's the order in which they'll be executed. 

Maribeth  Radtke

Hi,  I've read through this thread and think I have a different problem.  I'm in SL2.  I have a Feedback Slide Layer I created with a continue button.  The screen let's the user answer the question but goes automatically to the next slide and does not show my Feedback Slide Layer.  

The first trigger on that layer is the Continue Btn then the Feedback layer. I cannot move them.

Any idea how I can get this to work? 

I'll add a screen shot. 

Thanks for the assistance!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Maribeth,

Thanks for letting us know what you are running into and for sharing that image.

The image is for the layer, but this is the layer that is not displaying, correct?

I'd like to see what was on the Base Layer of this slide.

With your permission, I'd like to take a look at your project file to investigate what's happening. You can share it publicly here, or send it to me privately by uploading it here. I'll delete it when I'm done troubleshooting.

Daniel Jovanov

Guys, this may or may not work for you, but when I had the exact same problem as above and then followed @fred joly's advise, I also noticed that both the Copy and Paste buttons were also grayed out. Naturally, I decided to give keyboard commands the old college try and lo and behold....NOW all buttons are un-greyed!

Ren Gomez

Hi Michael,

It looks like users in this discussion were coming across issues that were pre-new trigger panel and may be unrelated. Can you share some specifics on where you're trying to re-order the triggers?

This user guide shows the trigger order and how you can rearrange multiple triggers. It would be helpful to see a screenshot or video, too!

Daniel Jovanov

Michael, I hope the triggers you want rearranged don't actually have to be in a certain order for them to trigger properly. There are times when the new trigger panel automatically grays out the Up/Down arrows on triggers that don't have to be arranged in any particular order (ex: when a variable changes on this slide, move an object along this Motion Path).

But if you're still having issues, what worked for me before was copying-pasting a trigger, deleting the original trigger, and then the Up/Down arrows show. I hope it still works in the new update, Michael

Daniel Jovanov

Erin, I'm not sure what you're trying to do with these triggers. Can you open each object's trigger menus by clicking on their triangle arrows, then select a trigger to see if the reorder arrow appears? You should be able to rearrange triggers just fine in this update!

Otherwise, I think you're trying to rearrange menus of object triggers, not the triggers themselves, do you know what I mean? I see in your Timeline that you have a specific order, but maybe they're not necessarily created in the same order as what you're showing, which is why the menus are showing in a certain order. But even so, that shouldn't have anything to do with when they're triggered.

Anyway, by design, you shouldn't be able to, nor do you need to rearrange menus of triggers. But depending on what you're trying to do, you do need to reorder the actual triggers within each object.

I looked at one my projects and it works exactly as I described it - see the attachment. But maybe I'm not seeing everything you're seeing. Maybe it's just a weird bug

Pam Fulwider

I continue to have the same issue, can't move slide triggers to enable me to see what I'm doing. And, since we can't scrub the player in edit mode, having slide triggers able to be dragged into a logical order would sure help build the slide.

Crazy thing is occasionally, like once yesterday it did work. 

Daniel Jovanov

Hi Pam,

I see how it can be frustrating for you to not be able to change trigger orders the way you want to. But I think with what you're trying to do, and with how the new update makes things work, it looks like you don't really need to change any trigger order as long as the triggers get switched in the sequence you want to.

For example, I see that you wanted to Pause the timeline when it's going to trigger this action at the start of the Timeline no matter where it's ordered at the Triggers panel! So as long as it all works the way you wanted, it should be fine.

But it's still a little frustrating, I get it! What helped me in dealing with this issue in the past was copying and pasting one trigger, deleting the original trigger, and then the UP/DOWN buttons show for that trigger, fixing this issue. But I don't know if that still works in this update.

Pam, why don't you send Articulate a ticket with that screenshot you took? Can you also show an example of triggers that actually do need to be triggered in a certain order for it to work - let's say, you want an animation to complete first, and then it moves to the next slide?

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