Can't Click and Drag to Resize Objects on Slide Masters or Layouts

I feel silly having to post this, but I'm trying to create a course template, and I can't click and drag (use mouse) to resize or reposition objects, such as text boxes like the slide title and any shapes i've added. It appears that I can only resize using the Format part of the ribbon, which doesn't provide enough functionality.

I even tried a different mouse, thinking my mouse wasn't working. Same issues.

What am I missing? I need to be able to customize.



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Amy L.

Okay. Definitely working on local files. Uninstalled/reinstalled once, put in my serial number, and still had problems. Checked for the update and installed that (which had an identical filename--I think I just installed a second time). It didn't ask for a serial number and I see no way to enter one. It says I have 18 days on a trial, which is weird because I used my license for over a year. Still can't click and drag anything. :-( 

If the license was invalid or in use by someone else, wouldn't it just not let me in?


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Amy,

In regards to the serial number issue, that shouldn't be happening after installing a new update. When you open the latest update you should see the prompt to continue with the free trial or activate with your serial number. Clicking on the activate button will bring you to a screen where the serial number should be pre-populated and you can continue as normal from there.

If this isn't happening for you, or each time you've opened it you're prompted to activate with your serial number or told you have X days left in a free trial we'll want to have you work with our Support Engineers as Christie mentioned.