Can't display the elearning published by trial version in LMS


I published a storyline elearning course by a 30days Trial version and I uploaded to the LMS. It worked fine at start and also could mark completion. After few days later, it can't display in the LMS properly. Do you have any idea for this issue? Will the published elearning also have the time-limit for use?

Looking forward your answer.


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Brian Allen

Hello Ahin, welcome to the community!

Fortunately there is not a time limit on content published with the trial version or full version.

If your published content worked correctly when first uploaded to the LMS, then my guess would be that a few days later there was some change on the LMS side of things that has caused your content to no longer display.  I would look at the LMS settings used to set up your content, and check with your LMS tech people to make sure that nothing happened to your uploaded content.