can't drag seekbar when YouTube started with click or trigger

Jul 07, 2012

When I insert a YouTube video into my Storyline slide, it works fine when I tell it to start playing automatically. However, when I say I want the user to click to begin or when I use a trigger (a button that when clicked plays the video), I run into problems. Specifically, the video still plays, but you can no longer drag the seekbar back and forth in order to move to different parts of the video, to go back to something you might have missed, etc. (You can drag the seekbar, but it has no effect on what's going on in the video.)

I want my students to be able to drag the seekbar to hear over again some part that might be confusing, but I'd also like for the video not to start until the user clicks something. Is there any way I can accomplish that? Thanks!

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Dorothy Stark


Thanks for the tutorial. I still find a difference between how things work when a video inserted from a website (or a screen recording made in Storyline) is set to play automatically and when it's set to play with a trigger, such as a button. If set to play automatically, then the player seekbar scrubber works so you can move forward and backward in the video, but if it's set to play with a trigger, then scrubbing the player seekbar doesn't do anything.

However, I did discover that with the video control scrubber instead of the player one, it seems I can scrub (continuously for outside videos or in 10-second chunks for a Storyline made one) even when I start with a button trigger. Thanks!

It's good to know that inserting a video from a website doesn't allow for HTML 5 or ipad playing. For that reason, I'll probably end up inserting as a web object instead. The tutorial was very helpful for that. Earlier I'd tried as the link the YouTube share link, and I'd seen the whole YouTube screen rather than just the YouTube player. The video nicely showed how to use instead, and that was a great help.

Is HTML 5 and ipad support for videos inserted from a website (rather than as a web object) something that the next version of Storyline might have?


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